Crystal Super Platinum Razor Blade Review

Crystal Super Platinum Double Edge Razor Blade Review

Wow….I’m on a roll.  After suffering through the Personna Platinum Super Stainless, I decided to try the Crystal Super Platinum.  Yuck!  (Still using the Edwin Jagger DE89 for this razor blade review…at least it’s pleasant to use.)

Crystal Platinum Red - Double Edge Razor Blade Review - for classic wet shaving with a safety razor

Crystal Platinum Red – Double Edge Razor Blade

Double Edge Razor Blade Review – Crystal Super Platinum

0)   Initial impressions –

Saying it again.  Yuck.  Not impressed…again.  Another tug-o-matic and a bad shave.  Almost like using my electric razor again (closeness-wise) but less comfortable.

1) User Interface – what does the shave feel like during the shave

Uncomfortable…tugging and pulling and roughness and…

2)   Quality of Service – how good of a shave did I get

Not so good with this one.  Lousy shave, even trying a complete second XTG pass.  Oh well, at least it was uncomfortable enough that I didn’t even try an ATG pass.

3)   Hack factor – did it seem to make me nick myself, or was it smooth sailing?

I actually manage to cut myself a bit on day two…pushing too hard, trying to get a decent shave.  This blade isn’t very sharp.

4)   Useful service life – how many shaves did I get out of the blade?

Two shaves…that’s all I could stand.  Tugging.  Rough.  Not a very good shave on day two.  On to another Gillette, methinks…

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