Derby Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Review

Derby Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Review

After toying with offshoring (via the Indian manufacturer Vidyut SuperMax double edge razor blade), I decided to go to something old world.  The Derby (reportedly made in Turkey using Swedish steel).  The Derby is said to be a gentler blade, and my neck was suffering from some razor burn.

*** UPDATE Derby Double Edge Razor Blade Review UPDATE ***

So, I’ve taken a break from trying new blades for a bit and gone back through some of the blades to experiment with some different razors (e.g. Mekur 38C vs. Edwin Jagger DE89 vs Merkur Futur, supplemented by Weishi for ATG pass).  I’ve tried using the Derby in the Wilkinson and Weishi for the ATG pass in the 3 razor3 pass process.  This is still a smooth blade, but, oddly, it isn’t my favorite in the Weishi of my favorite blades.  Very nice in the Merkur 38C and Merkur Futur and in the Edwin Jagger DE89.  Nice and sharp, good durability, and the Alum Block factor (how much sting when using the Alum block) is very pleasant.  One of my top 3 or 4 favorites!

*** UPDATE Derby Double Edge Razor Blade Review UPDATE ***

So, how did I fare with the Derby double edge razor blade in my safety razor?

Derby Double Edge Razor Blade Review on a Merkur Razor

Derby Double Edge Razor Blade

Double Edge Blade Ranking – Derby

0)   Initial impressions –

this blade was definitely a smoother, gentler shave.

1)   User Interface – what does the shave feel like during the shave

The Derby was definitely a kinder, more gentlemanly double edge razor blade.

2)   Quality of Service – how good of a shave did I get

A better shave than the Vidyut Super Max, but not that great.

3)   Hack factor – did it seem to make me nick myself, or was it smooth sailing?

The Derby fared well here.  No nicks or cuts the whole time using it.

4)   Useful service life – how many shaves did I get out of the blade?

I got 4 shaves out of the Derby, and I bet it would’ve gone longer, but…I wanted to get something that gave me a close shave, so it was put back on the hat rack.

I partially reinstated SWMBO’s picking privilege.  I decided to try one of the Shark blades, as they have a reputation for being one of the sharper blades out there (as with the Feather), and I let SWMBO pick between the blue and the yellow package.

She chose the blue package, which is the Shark Super Chrome double edge razor blade – Will it be Shark week, or will my face be chum?