Feather Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Review

Double Edge Razor Blade Review #2 – Feather

*** UPDATE Feather Double Edge Razor Blade Review UPDATE ***

So, I’ve taken a break from trying new blades for a bit and gone back through some of the blades to experiment with some different razors (e.g. Merkur 38C vs. Edwin Jagger DE89 vs Merkur Futur, supplemented by Weishi for ATG pass).  I’ve experimented with the Feather in the process.  This is still the sharpest blade I think I’ve run across…good for getting the shave close quickly, but…sure seems to leave me with a lot of weepers (even in the Merkur Futur set at #1 (least aggressive)…really got my neck on the XTG pass this morning.  I’m going to try it in the Weishi (least aggressive head I’ve tried) to see if there’s a way I can use the Feather without donating blood…I know a lot of guys love these, but put me in the ‘too sharp for my liking camp’

So…I tried one more thing..I put the Feather Double Edge Razor blade in the Weishi TTO razor.  Sharpest blade I’ve tried in the least aggressive safety razor I’ve tried.
Result?  Pretty fair beard reduction pass, but still got some nicks.  Too sharp to do ATG on the neck.  I still think I’m in the ‘Feather blade is too sharp’ camp.

*** UPDATE Feather Double Edge Razor Blade Review UPDATE 2 ***

The Feather razor blade rocks in the Feather Popular Safety Razor!  (See the review for more info)

*** UPDATE Feather Double Edge Razor Blade Review UPDATE 2 ***

After mixed results with the Merkur blade, I moved onto the Feather.

Feather blades are considered to be the sharpest blade out there.

Feather Double Edge Safety Razor Blade

Will the Feather blade fly across my chin?

Great for tough beards.  Lots of fans.  I decided to try that next.

Maybe not the best choice for my second blade, based on comments about it not being a good rookie blade.
In further reading, it appears that there are even special razors made for Feather blades with a different shaped
head that encourage you to use a different shaving angle.  This bears some more research before I come back
around to the Feather.

Double Edge Blade Ranking – Feather

1)   User Interface – what does the shave feel like during the shave

When I first shaved with the Feather, I thought I was really liking it.  Very smooth, and obviously cutting better than the tired Merkur.

2)   Quality of Service – how good of a shave did I get

Definitely a closer shave than the Merkur, but I also got some more razor burn.

3)   Hack factor – did it seem to make me nick myself, or was it smooth sailing?

I definitely nicked myself more times with the Feather.  Maybe I was getting careless as I was getting settled back into the double edge safety razor technique that had lain dormant since the 80s, or maybe the Feather blade just isn’t quite right for me?  We’ll have to re-visit this one after I make my first pass through the list.

4)   Useful service life – how many shaves did I get out of the blade?

I got 4 shaves out of the Feather before I decided to try the next blade.

I flipped through my remaining choices…I liked Trigonemtry, so I thought that the Trig double edge razor blade would be a good next safety razor blade to try.