Georgetown G5 Shaving Scuttle

The Georgetown G5 Shaving Scuttle for Classic Wet Shaving

Georgetown Pottery offers up the G5 shaving scuttle for you wet shaving warm lather enjoyment.

Georgetown Pottery G5 Shaving Scuttle for use in Classic Wet Shaving with your Safety Razor and Double Edge Razor Blade

Georgetown Pottery G5 Shaving Scuttle for use in Classic Wet Shaving

The G5 Shaving Scuttle has what they call a ‘comfort handle’ that sits low to allow you to insert your thumb through the handle and hold the scuttle from the bottom, as well as a broad spout to simplify filling the warm water reservoir.  It’s offered in a handsome variety of color combinations (and they also will do personalized colors upon request).  The scuttles are hand made and finished in Maine, USA.

Georgetown G5 Shaving Scuttle Dimensions

The Georgetown G5 Scuttle measures 5 1/2″ wide by 3″ tall, with the lathering/inside bowl being about 4 3/4″ across and about 2 1/2″ deep.
The reservoir holds about 6 oz of warm water.

New Features in the G5 Shaving Scuttle

The 5 in G5 comes from this being their 5th revision of their shaving scuttle design.  Some of the new improvements are said to include both horizontal and vertical grooves to help with lather production,  a larger water reservoir (to help hold the temperature longer), and a larger, circular fill hole, with a rubber stopper included to help maintain temperature longer and to prevent water from the reservoir from splashing into the lathering bowl if you’re getting a little aggressive with your favorite shaving brush!  They’ve also incorporate a lip around the inside of the lathering bowl/inner chamber to help keep the lather from climbing up over the lip of the shaving scuttle.

Cross Section of the G5 Shaving Scuttle showing the lathering grooves and reservoir

Cross Section of the G5 Shaving Scuttle showing the lathering grooves and reservoir

The ideas for these improvements came from feedback from the wet shaving community.  You’ve got to love it when companies take feedback and incorporate to create better products for their customers.  Kudos to Georgetown on a fine shaving scuttle!

If you’d like more information about these dandy shaving scuttles, and/or you’d like to order one for your wet shaving kit, have a look here.

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