Gillette Platinum Double Edge Razor Blade Review

Gillette Platinum Double Edge Razor Blade Review

The Croma Diamant Stainless turned out to be rather disappointing – started out good, then went dull in a hurry.  So, back to a Gillette blade.  Seems like most of the ‘Platinum’ blades have been nothing special, I wasn’t really holding out a lot of hope for this one.

Gillette Platinum Double Edge Razor Blade

Gillette Platinum DE Razor Blade

Double Edge Razor Blade Review – Gillette Platinum DE Razor Blade

0)   Initial impressions –

This blade was a LOT sharper than the Croma!

1) User Interface – what does the shave feel like during the shave

Much smoother feel – and you can hear that it’s a sharp blade – nice ‘snick’ sounds as it’s cropping the whiskers down to skin level.

2)   Quality of Service – how good of a shave did I get

This blade gave very good results.

3)   Hack factor – did it seem to make me nick myself, or was it smooth sailing?

I was prone to giving myself a weeper (usually under the lower lip) as it was a lot sharper than most of the blades I’ve been using of late.  Not Feather scary sharp, but much closer to that than most blades.

4)   Useful service life – how many shaves did I get out of the blade?

5 shaves and it was still performing well, but seemed to be tapering off a bit.

Time for a new blade…let’s stay with Gillette – the Gillette Super Thin

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