Review of the Feather Popular Safety Razor

The Feather Popular Safety Razor Reviewed

(For basic information about the Feather Popular Safety Razor, check out this page.)

Since one of the more common search terms that leads to is “Feather Popular Razor” or similar, and since it’s not terribly expensive, I decided to buy one and give it a test drive.

Feather Popular Safety Razor - comes with Feather Double Edge Razor Blades - for wet shaving

Feather Popular Safety Razor - comes with Feather Double Edge Razor Blades

If you’ve read through our blade reviews, you’ll know that, while many wet shavers are Feather double edge razor blade fanboys, I’m not one of them.
Feather razor blades are scary sharp, and I can’t ever seem to get through a full shave without nicking myself.  Whether with the Edwin Jagger DE89, the Merkur 38C, the Wilkinson Sword Classic, the Merkur Futur, or even the Weishi (the ultimate in non-aggressive safety razors), I end up needing to use my styptic pencil, usually in more than one place.

Well, the Feather Popular came with Feather razor blades, so it seemed that I’d need to risk it, since I suspect most purchases of this safety razor will feel inclined to try it with the ‘free’ razor blades that come with it.

Feather Popular TTO Safety Razor with Feather DE razor blades

Feather Popular TTO Safety Razor with Feather DE razor blades


Let’s start with the razor itself…while the handle is plastic, the head and all the moving parts of this twist-to-open safety razor are made of metal.
It’s got a nice, uniform blade gap, and the finish seems to be reasonably nice.  The handle is longer than I have come to prefer, but that really doesn’t make that much difference when shaving with it, and would be nice for those who like to hold at the far end of the razor handle (I’ve learned to like choking up on the handle, after lots of use of the Edwin Jagger DE89).

The head shape seems to be a bit steeper than the typical safety razor…I’d discovered this in my research and have seen it with my own eyes now…it’s also considered less aggressive than a lot of other razors, but…the proof is in the pudding, right?

Shaving with the Feather Popular Safety Razor

Wow!  This is the first razor I’ve found where I can shave with a Feather DE razor blade and not hack myself to pieces!  There must be something to this different slope?  I’ll give it a go with some other razor blades and report back after a while to see how it shaves with other double edge razor blades, but it does a very nice job with the Feather razor blade!

Feather Popular Safety Razor - closeup of the head

Feather Popular Safety Razor - closeup of the head

While others have reported that it’s easier to get up under the nose, I found that to be the opposite…much easier to get up there with my Edwin Jagger than with the Feather Popular.


Would you like the Feather Popular Safety Razor more if it had a metal handle and cost less, too?
If so, check out the deal at Whipped Dog!

So, only one blade tried so far, but, when combined with the Feather DE razor blades, the Feather Popular is a very satisfactory inexpensive safety razor!

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