Schwarzweisskeramik Shaving Scuttles (Ansgar)

The Schwarzweisskeramik Scuttles – warm lather for Wet Shaving

Looking for something different in the way of a modern shaving scuttle?  Have a look at Schwarzweisskeramik ( and see what happens when a craftsman with a flair for German engineering takes on shaving scuttles.  There is a wide variety of shapes offered by Ansgar, ranging from small brush-warmer type scuttles up to ginormous monster scuttles for those who like to generate enough lather for 4 or 5 or 6 passes!

Schwarzweisskeramik Shaving Scuttles - a full line of modern shaving scuttles for wet shaving

Schwarzweisskeramik Shaving Scuttles - a full line of modern shaving scuttles for wet shaving

A Teutonic Take on the Modern Shaving Scuttle

Being modern shaving scuttles, these are lathering-bowl-within-a-pot style double wall pieces.  The scuttles have the handy lather-building grooves in the lathering bowl part of the scuttle, which aid in whipping up a nice creamy lather in a hurry.  They refer to the fill hole in the outer bowl as a ‘brush basin’, which makes perfect sense, since it’s much larger than the typical fill spout for other modern shaving scuttles (and more like a traditional scuttle in this particular detail).  This can be handy, as it gives you an easy place to dip your brush in some nice warm water if you need more moisture in the brush while building the lather.

They also have a unique thumb handle shape which they say makes for safe and easy handling.

The color schemes offered are black, white, or a black/grey/white pattern (which makes sense, since the literal translation of his company name is Black White Ceramic).

Using the Schwarzweisskeramik Shaving Scuttle

Schwarzweisskeramik recommends pre-warming the scuttle prior to use.  They also suggest that you may want to pre-warm your soap, too (either dropping the puck in, or using their soap holder).

The Schwarzweisskeramik Shaving Scuttle model lineup

The Small scuttle  is about  5 7/8″ wide by about  3 1/4″ tall.
The Basic scuttle is the same size as the Small, but doesn’t have the ‘brush basin’
The Large scuttle  is about  5 7/8″ wide by about  3 7/8″ tall and is recommended for medium/large brushes.
The XL scuttle  appears to be the same size as the Large, but with an extra large thumb handle to aid in moving it around when full – recommended for medium/large brushes.

If you’re looking for something different in a modern shaving scuttle, then a Schwarzweisskeramik scuttle may be right up your alley…if you want a modern scuttle for a little bit less coin, then maybe check you the Sara Bonnyman Moss scuttles, the Dirty Bird Pottery Shaving Scuttles or the Georgetown G5 Shaving Scuttle?

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