Weishi 9306 TTO Double Edge Safety Razor

The Weishi 9306 Twist To Open (TTO) Double Edge Safety Razor

The Weishi 9306 is pretty much a Chinese knock-off the Gillette SuperSpeed (from the 1960s), though lighter and a bit longer at about 3/4 oz and about 3 1/2″ long
It has a Twist-To-Open or butterfly style mechanism.

This is a very mild razor on the razor aggressiveness  scale, probably best suited to either beginners to wet shaving, or to people doing a 3 pass shave with multiple razors, where the Weishi is used for the Against the Grain pass, or for ‘scrubbing’ or ‘polishing’ to touch up after the 3rd pass to get that baby butt smooth (BBS) shave.  It can also be a good choice for those shavers with sensitive skin, or who are prone to razor burn.

Some people find it too mild, but others seem to love it, when used for the above purposes.  (If you want the other end of the spectrum in inexpensive Chinese safety razors, have a look at the frighteningly aggressive Big Roc.)

Weishi 9306 TTO Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor for Classic Wet Shaving

Weishi 9306 Double Edge Safety Razor

The Weishi Safety Razor comes in several finishes:

You’d be hard pressed to find a razor model that’s available in more finishes, ranging from gold (polished or satin) to chrome (polished or satin) to gunmetal to a two-tone polished chrome and satin gold to a pink satin finish for the ladies.

Regardless of finish, the handle is well knurled to provide a good grip, even when your hands are wet.

The Weishi 9306 safety razor is typically packaged in a case (complete with a mirror) and with anywhere from 5 to 15 razor blades.

Be sure to check our blade reviews section if you’re looking for blade recommendations.

At $18-$20, the Weishi Razor is a very economical, very mild safety razor for wet shaving.   Check here for other safety razor options.

 *** Update ***

Is the Weishi the razor behind the Micro Touch commercials ‘As Seen On TV’?